Cologne, a medieval German town, beautiful and modern, is a great place for tourism and business.

The pearl of the city is the Cologne Cathedral, with the beauty designed to surpass the whole Christian architecture of the 13th century.

VIP Sightseeing tour in Cologne

There are such well-known artifacts of the Middle Ages as the Cologne parks, towers, churches and castles, a museum of beer and chocolate, the gorgeous zoo and botanical garden, known around the world.

In addition, the famous amusement park "Phantasialand" should be noted, where you can even experience a simulation of the space flight.

Cologne Sightseeing Tour is a private VIP tour of Cologne. All tours are conducted on an individual basis.

The guide hired by us will make a sightseeing program interesting for you. He will politely tell you the most intriguing facts about this city, will offer the most exciting entertainment and will recommend to visit the most important events or concerts.

We will provide you the proper vehicles - luxurious black limousines, executive sedans, minivans or business class VIP buses.

We will meet you at the airport, we help you find and book a hotel, choose a restaurant and take you to the shopping center.

You are guaranteed to be surrounded by the comfort and care, you will learn a lot and visit all places of interest without pushing and shoving, being among the people you have chosen yourself.